• April 16, 2024 12:56 AM

‘The Kangs’ Features Mick Fanning, Mason Ho and Gabriel Medina Surfing Remote Australia

It’s not often a world-title contender goes on The Search mid season. But, when Mick Fanning let Gabriel Medina know where he was heading with Mason Ho, it was too good for Gabby to pass up. Medina adjusted his plans, slid into the mission, and shifted gears to hunt some wild slabs in the wildly remote coasts of Australia.

To watch the entire adventure, hit play above.
The Kangs takes you on The Search, through a wide, open land…

Directed by: Vaughan Blakey and Nick Pollet
Filmers: Nick Pollet, Mikey Corker, Rory Pringle and Stuart Gibson
Photography: Hayden Richards and Stuart Gibson
Producers: Johnny Hawken and Lachlan McNish

“Horwood and the Frog” – Benny Reed
“Angels” – Flying Machine
“Universe” – Colbey
“Ride Alone” – Benny Reed
“Blues Train Rider” – The Mojo Corner
“Wide Open Land” – Floodlights