• April 15, 2024 4:26 AM

Most of us people are descendants of migrants who came here to start a new life, and I’m personally grateful that my family had chosen this great nation to plant their roots, and call Australia home.

Just like our indigenous mates who walked the earth over 50 thousand years ago and also found this great southern land and called it home, the true descendants of this beautiful country.

Our countries past has a lot of bad wrongs and energy but you and I personally were never part of that history, and though it still bares the scares, it is always better to look and move forward and never go back down that dark road.

Today, I ask everyone to turn to the person standing on either side of you, and give them a welcoming smile, and say G’day, because we are all mates of this fantastic country we all call home.

National Anthem – Sydney’s Australia Day Ceremony 2023 (Aboriginal & English Versions)