• April 16, 2024 1:20 AM
On The Road With Iona

So where do I start ??

I’m a 50yr+ male and identify as a ‘Forever-Frothing Surfing Grom’, that has been fortunate enough (like many of us in the surfing world ) to have grown and witnessed the rise of ( and you could say hero to many) of another frother, hailing from all places the consistent small wave capital of the world, Cocoa Beach, Florida .

Discovering surfing along with his older brother ‘Sean’ as an outlet to escape the turmoil of family life, while rising up through the local ranks and taking the surfing world by storm, travelling around the globe numerous times, surfing destinations most of us still ever dream of, and competing against the best of the surfing world has ever produced and notching up an impressive, (and may not ever be beaten) ’11’ world surfing titles to his credit, and at the age of 50 still competes on the world professional surfing circuit the WSL.

The competitiveness within his soul don’t just stop at surfing, and if anyone who knows this Floridian well, Kelly’s approach to life is not just to win, but to improve on his wins, taking a very calculated positive approach from early on, and still to this day plays an important tool in Kelly’s daily life, which he talks about some more with Iona Stephen former professional golfer , and host of ‘On The Road With Iona‘ as they chat about life, surfing, while playing a round of golf at Kingsbarns, Scotland.

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