• April 23, 2024 7:16 PM

The past couple of weeks the East and West coast’s of the USA have seen some of the biggest swells to hit their coastlines in years.

A historic ’50 YEAR STORM’ hit the East coast of USA with New Jersey resembling more like Hawaii with “20-25ft” swell forecast. It was truly epic days of big wave cold water surfing.

Ben Gravy captured footage of the big swell along the New Jersey coast

50 Year Storm – New Jersey

The West Coast also had seen their biggest swells in decades pounding the Californian Coastline, with Mavericks recording 50ft waves. Tim Bonython flew over to chase and record the massive waves at Mavericks, with an indepth analysis of preparing for surfing this big surf.


WATCH 10 waves from one of the biggest days ever at Mavericks – 12-28-23 – Drone Footage – TUCKER WOODING MEDIA

More West Coast surf breaks GOING OFF !!

Blacks Beach – San Diego California
West Coast Cam Rewind Highlights