• July 24, 2024 1:47 PM
sidepiece hybrid funboard

A Hybrid surfboard is where a Groveler or Fish type board meet a performance surfboard model. The idea is to incorporate the best of both worlds, the goal is to get a board that is paddles easily is stable and fast like a fish, and yet has the manoeuvrability of a high performance shortboard.

The key elements of Hybrid surfboards are a low rocker line, wider outline with the wide point pushed forward (not as far forward as a Groveller but further forward than a performance board), more volume and thickness throughout especially under the chest, medium rails, functional bottom contours or concaves and regarding the tail shape there are options for every style from squash to rounded pin or swallow.

The flat rocker combined with the width and thickness allow you to get into waves more easily than a standard shortboard, and will have you flying down the line through fat sections with little effort on the mushy days. Even on good days where there might be a slower section you need to negotiate until you can get to the next good section, the hybrid surfboard gets you there. A hybrid board is generally surfed a few inches shorter than a standard shortboard what you might lose in speed you get back in its ability to turn in average waves. A shorter board comes in handy in smaller surf too, as you can whip turns around in a tighter radius than something longer, allowing you to squeeze as many turns in as short of an area as possible. 

The Hybrid is often known as a one board quiver and for many surfers is the only board they’ll ever need, a good hybrid will cover everything from waist to a few feet overhead in a variety of types of waves. The drawbacks of the Hybrid are in really weak small waves where a Groveller is a better option or in bigger faster punchier waves where the extra volume a hybrid carries just slows it down a little too much, meaning its harder to make those sections. 

The are many great examples of Hybrid surfboards, as with other styles of board there are lots of good options each tweaked slightly to make the most of specific surfing styles and conditions, once you find your ideal hybrid you’ll never look back.

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