• April 15, 2024 3:39 AM

A great movie, showing the life of one of surfing true legends. A lot of younger people won’t remember Archy when he was on the circuit, but this is a movie that will suit any age.

The good times and the bad, Archy had them all, but always pulled through with his ‘I don’t care what people think’ approach. One thing Archy says about pro surfing in the movie is that in pro surfing you had to pump the board at the end and ride the whitewash….Archy’s comment was “why would you do that?”

Archy surfed the way he wanted to and that’s what made him a leader in changing the way we ride waves. Contests, judging and the concept of what is possible all backflipped into a new era of surfing led by Matt Archbold, Martin Potter, Christian Fletcher and others.

Along with the great surfing, the movie gives a true insight into the history and progression of surfing and contests in the early 80’s.

Archy is a full package surfer and not just in terms of his ability to mix up all the moves from deep carving turns to backside airs, his love of surfing really shows what the true stoke of surfing is about…FUN

From the movie
“When Matt Archbold started surfing back in 1979 at age 11 the world had no idea that it was about to witness one of the most explosive surfers to ever set foot on a surfboard. With a career spanning nearly 3 decades now, Archy is considered to be the most successful free surfer of all time and one of the originators of high performance surfing”.

This is a movie that teaches us about life and how to live it. Definitely a must see movie for surfers and non surfers alike.

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