• April 23, 2024 6:24 PM


A double tap of medium sized swell gave Maui surfers a two cracks of the whip in fun sized Jaws. First on Friday the 17th, then again on Sunday the 19th

Remember when someone got a paddle barrel at Jaws? Now everyone pulls into the man caverns over this reef. J.O.B even went out for ‘crazy’ ironic session on a foamy, whilst Kai Lenny, Billy Kemper and Shaun Walsh all paddled into legitimate bombs.


All eyes now turn to the swell forecast for Wednesday, this huge system promises to deliver a swell of 18ft and 19 seconds to Jaws, and a similar size to the North Shore. Unfortunately local winds are currently forecast to be fresh and out of the north meaning we’ll be seeing huge onshore conditions. The Eddie directors are looking at the possibilty of holding the event on the Thursday, on the backside of the swell but there’s been no official call as yet. Moving further out the forecast for Mavericks looks promising, with good local winds and a sizeable swell. Whilst too far away to be the perfect Mavs storm in terms of raw size verses proximity, it should still provide some worthy moments