• April 23, 2024 6:44 PM

Comparing the biggest perfect ten alley-oops of the WCT year: Julian Wilson in Portugal and John John Florence in Bali. Cast your vote here: http://goo.gl/LTSmTi

These two monstrously lofty frontside alley-oops — executed by John John Florence and Julian Wilson, respectively — are clearly two of the biggest aerial maneuvers performed in ASP World Tour competition this year so far. 
But which one is best?

First, we must look at the ramp itself: Florence is surfing a perfectly clean, linear, hollow reefbreak [Keramas] that’s holding a couple feet overhead and regularly invites these kinds of maneuvers; Wilson is surfing a windblown, soupy, head-high beachbreak [Supertubos] that’s more known for granting tubes than airs, hence the name. In short, John John’s ramp is sketchy, but perfect. Wilson’s wave is forgiving, but difficult. 

Then there’s the maneuver. Wilson pumps twice as much as Florence but also launches his ‘oop off the end section, whereas the Hawaiian clears the section and continues down the line. As far as momentum, amplitude and rotation — both airs feature plenty of all, sans grab. However, Florence does apply more of a shifty while the Australian exhibits more of a one-motion technique. Both approaches are incredibly hard. Finally, there’s the landing. Both are basically crouch and check-tap free. Style-wise, Wilson is amped and Florence is casual. And that, style, is the most subjective thing of all.