• April 15, 2024 2:42 AM

On October 29, 2013, a massive swell hit Nazaré, Portugal. Big wave surfers Maya Gabiera and Carlos Burle decided to test their merit on the wave. Maya, despite intense training and preparation, broke her ankle on the wave and, after a struggle, drowned in the turbulent waters. Her rescue partner Carlos Burle managed to get her out of the water and give her CPR on the beach. She was taken to the hospital and will live to surf another wave. Later, Carlos returned to the ocean, and caught the wave that some are saying is the biggest wave ever surfed. One day later, Laird Hamilton appeared on CNN, saying that Carlos Burle’s wave could only be considered the “wipeout of the year” because at the end of his ride, Carlos fell. Laird also made it clear that, in his opinion, Maya Gabiera lacked the necessary skills to ride big waves.

This is what big wave surfer Ken Collins has to say about it.


Via Maverick Surf Stories.