• April 16, 2024 1:08 AM

There’s been a lot of  hype over the past few years since Kelly Slater opened the gates to his secret laboratory wave pool, ‘Surf Ranch’, situated in Lenmoore California. 

Since that first wave was showcased to the world, there have been two World Surf League events for both the women  and men ‘The Freshwater Pro”, and plenty of surfers hitting the pool for training purposes. 

Like myself, plenty of surfers have dreamed of such a perfect wave to surf in their own backyard, when nature decides to to turn the swell off, and other who just don’t get the quality of surf at their own beach locations. 

Rumours have been circulating for just over a year that Kelly’s wave pool could be headed to our own Sunshine Coast. and today those rumours have been confirmed that the Sunshine Coast will get Australia’s first Kelly Slater Wave Pool.

Quoted from the local newspaper a year ago  ‘The Sunshine Coast Daily’  Andrew Stark head of operations in Australia and Oceania for KSWC ,told  the Sunshine Coast Daily that the location was a natural fit for a wavepool, “due to Australia’s culture, history and roots within surfing as well as its pristine beaches and commitment to environmental sustainability”.

“We are committed to working with those in the local area, and over coming weeks we will be talking to the community to explain the concept as well as listening to local perspectives.”

Though the exact location has not been confirmed, it is possible that the pool maybe attached to the proposed Coolum Sport facilities.

I say ‘BRING IT ON ! ‘

For more video footage visit KSWC.COM

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